Welcome to the Colorado backcountry

The vast acreage of wilderness and backcountry beauty in Colorado make it one of the more popular locations for camping, backpacking, and day-hiking.

In addition to a eight National Parks and Monuments, Colorado boasts an equal number of Wilderness Areas, millions of acres of National Forest and BLM land, and over three dozen state parks.

From mountains to deserts, and grasslands to canyons, one could spend a lifetime hiking the trails of Colorado and not cover all of them.

Eagle Lake in the Holy Cross Wilderness Area

Eagle Lake, in the Holy Cross Wilderness Area of Colorado, is a relatively easy hike worthy of your time.  Unlike most of the Holy Cross hikes we do, that are accessible from the Frying Pan River valley, this one seems to draw more visitors from the Eagle River valley. 

Sharp-edged ridges and peaks surround the lake on three sides, and only the view to the west (above) is open.  The lake empties into a series of waterfalls, which look better than they photograph.